We are dedicated to sharing the knowledge, skills and insights we gain through our work with communities around the world. Here we present some of our growing collection of guidebooks and toolkits, written articles, and video tutorials.

Indigenous Issues

Two women showing their traditional seeds during a Participatory Video process in Nagaland

Who is participating in whose process?

In this article from The Barefoot Guide 4 (Exploring the Real Work of Social Change), InsightShare’s co-founder Nick Lunch shares examples of rural communities harnessing Participatory Video to develop and implement their own powerful and far-reaching development initiatives. This is the story of how indigenous farmers in India, Peru and other countries are using video…

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A community screening of a Participatory Video in India

Building global media networks with a difference

How can Participatory Video create spaces horizontal communication between marginalised communities and groups around the world? In this article for the Glocal Times, InsightShare’s co-founder Nick Lunch explores the potential of community media ‘hubs’ to facilitate: farmer-to-farmer sharing of local innovations, networks of solidarity between indigenous custodians of sacred landscapes, and the development of community…

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An indigenous activist from Bangladesh holds a sign saying 'Protect Forest'

Preserving biocultural diversity through Participatory Video

Indigenous people worldwide want their voice to be heard, they want to tell their own stories and share knowledge with the ‘outside’ on their terms. In this short article in Resurgence magazine, InsightShare’s co-founder Nick Lunch explores how Participatory Video provides a mechanism for indigenous communities to have their voices heard; strengthening themselves and their…

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Two young indigenous activists speaking and dancing on Participatory Video at UNPFII

Empowering Communities Through Participatory Video

Catherine Setchell interviews Nick Lunch (Co-Founder & Director, InsightShare) during the IFIP Annual Conference and the 5th UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. On May 25th, InsightShare launched a handbook on Participatory Video at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) to an audience of over 100 indigenous delegates, NGOs, agencies and government representatives….

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