Over the last two decades we have worked with hundreds of communities, in over 60 countries.  Our projects have enabled diverse communities to focus on their issues and move towards changing their circumstances.  Here are just a few examples:


From the Ocean Across the Sierra

What is La Marabunta Filmadora? La Marabunta Filmadora is a collective based in Sonora, Mexico, who use Participatory Video to defend territories, culture, rights and nature. The group is formed of Indigenous youth, women and men from Yaqui and Comcaac communities who have been practicing Participatory Video since they were initially trained by InsightShare in…

Widows in Upper East region of Ghana make a Participatory Video on land and corruption


Land and Corruption

Ten widows from the small village of Kulbia in Ghana joined a Participatory Video process to explore and document the land issues affecting widows in their community. There are an estimated 50,000 widows in the Upper East region of Ghana. Traditional rites and practices vary between communities, however the loss of land by women following…

A young indigenous woman from North-East India holds a video camera


Autonomous Community Media

We trained community filmmakers from nine indigenous communities in the North-East of India, from the Garo and Khasi Hills to Nagaland. The project sought to nurture autonomous community media across the region, bringing unique opportunities for traditional customs, food systems, beliefs, agricultural practices to be documented by the people, for the people. The local filmmakers have engaged fellow…

A young man smiles at the camera from inside his temporary home...a tent

United Kingdom

Not Just Homeless

A group of formerly homeless people took on the challenge to document what it is like to be homeless in Oxford, the least affordable city in the UK. In this mission they were joined by two local students and two staff members of organisations that support homeless people in the city. Over the course of…