When you donate to InsightShare, you help Indigenous communities around the world protect their lands, languages, rights and cultures. For the last 20 years, we have been fostering a powerful network of media hubs, led by Indigenous Peoples, who use Participatory Video to tackle the issues most pressing to them.

Photo of participatory video training with participant being interviewed during training. Training facilitated by La Marabunta Filmadora in Brazil with Guajajara indigenous people

100% of donations go directly to our Indigenous media hubs and Indigenous-led movements – like the Pan-African Living Cultures Alliance, which uses Participatory Video to safeguard the rights, knowledge and cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of Africa.

Your donation supports vital local projects ranging from the preservation of the El-Molo language in Kenya to addressing FGM practices in Maasai communities, from the revival of local food systems in India to the prevention of discrimination and violence against Indigenous Peoples in Mexico.

These projects are designed and carried out by local Indigenous facilitators. Support them and be part of a revolution in storytelling!

£10-£25 buys data bundles that allow Indigenous Associates to access training resources, stay safe, and share new media.

£50-£100 supports the production of a new video defending Indigenous rights.

£500 supports an Indigenous Fellow to complete a six-month online Participatory Video training course, enabling them to train others.

£1000 replaces essential equipment.

£5000 supports the annual production costs for an Indigenous media hub.

By clicking on donate you’ll be taken to PayPal. Your receipt will be sent to your email.

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