InsightShare Network is a unique partnership between diverse community groups, located around the world, and an international team of experienced Participatory Video experts and facilitators.

InsightShare Network is a non-profit organisation based in the UK with an international and multi-disciplinary steering group comprised of community representatives, leading academics and activists. It was established by InsightShare to sustain our long-term relationships with our network of partner communities.

Our purpose
is to nurture a sustainable, autonomous grassroots movement of participatory video practice, led by and directly benefiting communities experiencing social, economic or political marginalisation.

Our approach is harnessing participatory video as a catalyst for radically increasing the agency, capacity, confidence and motivation of our partner communities to take control of the factors influencing and controlling their lives.

Our goal is for our partner communities to have the means, skills and opportunities to amplify their own voices within local, national and global conversations and the decision-making processes governing their futures.


This is what we do:

We FACILITATE Participatory Video projects

We facilitate participatory processes for groups to use video to reflect, investigate, discover, articulate and share their worlds and their perspectives. This is often the first point of contact with a community or group; providing an opportunity for Participatory Video to be experienced and its potential understood.

We COLLABORATE to promote Living Cultures

Living Cultures is a unique collaboration between Oxford University Pitt Rivers Museum and InsightShare, that brought five Maasai elders and leaders from Tanzania and Kenya to the UK for two weeks in November 2018 to realign narratives from the colonial past and relate them to the continuous struggles of the present.

Living Cultures opens an unprecedented space for collaboration and knowledge sharing through a series of activities that will explore new ways to address their struggles, together.

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We TRAIN facilitators and build local capacity

Our long-term training and support programmes build skills and develop capacity within our partner communities.

We work to realise sustainable and independent community media groups; embedding capacity where it is needed. We train the next generation of facilitators from within our partner communities; helping to strengthen and support local changemakers and activists.

We CONNECT communities

Our partner communities share ideas, experiences, strategies and outcomes with one another through the exchange of videos; reaching across geographic, cultural and linguistic barriers.

We SHARE everything we learn

Our knowledge is gained through working with our partner communities.

We devote time and energy to passing everything we learn on to the next generation of facilitators and activists through trainings, guides, articles, videos, papers, blogs, talks, presentations, gatherings etc.

We AMPLIFY the voices of our partner communities

Our Participatory Video approach provides a platform for individuals and communities to raise their voices within and beyond the immediate surroundings.

We work to ensure each video reaches its target audience(s) and achieves its full potential to: advocate, inform, influence, move, disrupt or simply entertain.  We screen, we share, we exhibit, we shout at the top of our lungs!

“I like the use of Participatory Video, it gives us the chance to move our words, to move our thoughts and how to communicate a certain message, through the use of images. Especially for us indigenous communities, since we are oral communities, it is very important to combine our words with images.”

Lucia Moreno

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