InsightShare’s Living Cultures initiative supports Indigenous Peoples to protect their territories, languages and cultures using Participatory Video.

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The Living Cultures: Decolonising Cultural Spaces project has been working with Maasai communities and museums to realign narratives and improve representation. Read more.

What is the Living Cultures initiative?

Living Cultures is a growing movement uniting indigenous communities across borders; to celebrate, foster and protect their cultures with Participatory Video at its very heart.

Video communicates compelling stories and powerful actions of grassroots activists, increasing the agency, capacity, confidence and motivation of our partners to take control of the factors influencing their lives. The result of online distribution and local screening events is to strengthen community protection through building allies and audiences across the globe.

We work across four continents in critically endangered ecosystems to enable Indigenous Peoples to harness the power of participatory video against threats like climate change and mega development projects. Our goal is to achieve the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) through strengthening self-esteem, autonomy and resilience, and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and best practice.

We are honoured to have worked with Indigenous Peoples from nearly 20 countries including: Quechua and Aymara (Peru), Yaqui, Comcaac, Mayos, Raramuri (N.W Mexico), Gamo (Ethiopia), Gabra, Konso, Borana, El Molo (Northern Kenya ), Baka and Batwa (Uganda, Cameroon and DRC), Maasai (Tanzania and Kenya),  Naga, Khasi, Garo (NE India), Igorot (Philippines) and Kuna (Panama). Each partner has played an instrumental role in guiding the evolution of the InsightShare Network.

InsightShare Network is a non-profit organisation with an international and multi-disciplinary steering group comprised of community representatives, leading academics and activists. InsightShare Network represents our long term commitment to the principles of decolonisation.

Partner news

– Pastoralists and Fishers from Lake Turkana/African Rift Valley complete PV facilitator training and launch video playlist

– InsightShare supports registration in Kenya of Pan African Living Cultures Alliance, an international NGO led by Africa’s Indigenous Peoples. PV groups (San, Gabbra, Borana, El Molo, Baka and more) are invited to join alliance

– Mexico indigenous collective La Marabunta Filmadora build new audiences through film festivals and workshops, receiving recognition from Zapatista leader Sub-Comandante Marcos!

– Success and celebration in Alberta Canada, where community video teams from Kainai Blood Tribe and Samson Cree First Nations have monitored impacts of climate change, supporting intergenerational knowledge exchange and documentation, strengthening nation-to-nation relationships and helped start community dialogues about climate change. The project was a springboard for the development of innovative new methods for environmental monitoring and sharing indigenous knowledge.

– Nagaland PV team won the best film award for Salt in My Village at the National Community Media Film Festival

– After being branded ‘terrorists’ for peaceful resistance against illegal gas pipeline, La Marabuta Filmadora Yaqui video team in Mexico respond with powerful new social media videos to promote unity through traditional cultural values

– New group of Maasai in Kenya gain PV training from Tanzanian Maasai facilitators

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