An indigenous activist from Bangladesh holds a sign saying 'Protect Forest'

Preserving biocultural diversity through Participatory Video

Indigenous people worldwide want their voice to be heard, they want to tell their own stories and share knowledge with the ‘outside’ on their terms. In this short article in Resurgence magazine, InsightShare’s co-founder Nick Lunch explores how Participatory Video provides a mechanism for indigenous communities to have their voices heard; strengthening themselves and their communities whilst also inspiring others.

Through developing hands on methods for learning video and communication skills, InsightShare is spearheading a movement for autonomous, pro-poor media. Addressing the key threats to humanity and life as a whole demands a shift in consciousness away from Western-based lateral ways of thinking about human development as separate from those life systems that support us; towards a more holistic view that places humans as part of an interconnected web of life. Participatory Video is one way to give voice to that perspective.

Preserving biocultural diversity through Participatory Video
By Nick Lunch
Published by Resurgence

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