A community screening of a Participatory Video in India

Building global media networks with a difference

How can Participatory Video create spaces horizontal communication between marginalised communities and groups around the world? In this article for the Glocal Times, InsightShare’s co-founder Nick Lunch explores the potential of community media ‘hubs’ to facilitate: farmer-to-farmer sharing of local innovations, networks of solidarity between indigenous custodians of sacred landscapes, and the development of community activism amongst urban youth.

InsightShare’s experience in the field shows us that when it comes to ideas for community development, local people are often the real experts. Unfortunately, although they know many of the solutions to their problems, they are rarely listened to, or empowered to act for themselves. We think there has been quite enough talk on this issue, but what can be done to change it?

Building global media networks with a difference
By Nick Lunch
Published by Glocal Times (Malmö University)