We are dedicated to sharing the knowledge, skills and insights we gain through our work with communities around the world. Here we present some of our growing collection of guidebooks and toolkits, written articles, and video tutorials.


A cartoon of a community member in the style of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Participatory Video and the Most Significant Change

This toolkit has been developed to support you in planning and carrying out evaluations using Participatory Video with the Most Significant Change technique (PVMSC). This is a participatory approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning that amplifies the voices of participants and helps organisations to better understand and improve their programmes. We have been developing, adapting…

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Cover to the 'Rights-Based Approach to Participatory Video' toolkit

Rights-Based Approach to Participatory Video

A unique resource full of ideas and techniques for Participatory Video facilitators to explore introducing Rights-Based Approaches into their practice.  ‘Rights-Based Approach to Participatory Video’ is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD, see link below. This toolkit will be particularly relevant for those already undertaking Participatory Video, however we hope the methods, ideas, tools, checklists and resources will…

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The cover for 'Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field'

Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field

‘Insights into Participatory Video’ is a practical guide to facilitating Participatory Video projects for social change. This groundbreaking guidebook draws on our experience of delivering Participatory Video projects with diverse groups and communities addressing a wide range of issues.  Includes guidance on project development and set-up, key games and exercises, facilitator techniques, and short case studies…

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The front cover to the Community Screening Guide

Community Screenings for Participatory Video

This guide provides ideas and inspiration for anyone organising community screenings as part of a Participatory Video process. It includes advice on planning and delivering an effective screening, practical suggestions for logistics and technical considerations, facilitator tips, checklists, and a range of short case studies from a variety of past projects. This unique resource is…

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