The groups and communities we work with around the world have produced well over 500 videos on a wide range of subjects. Here are some playlists from our YouTube channel to help you navigate this extraordinary body of work…

Women's Rights

A selection of short videos exploring subjects ranging from maternal health to access to education; from gender-based violence through to equality in sport. This unique collection of videos were made by women and girls in Tanzania, Uganda, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Morocco, Rwanda, Kenya and many more.

Watch the Women’s Rights playlist (20 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos on women's rights

Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

A collection of powerful videos by indigenous communities, from around the world, charting the impact of climate change on their land, lives and resources.  This playlist includes videos from Peru, Samoa, Panama, Ethiopia, Mexico, Kenya, Cameroon, Philippines, and the Arctic Circle.

Watch the Indigenous Voices on Climate Change playlist (10 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos amplifying indigenous voices on climate change

Farmer to Farmer Knowledge Sharing

These videos were made by farming communities around the world to share their knowledge, techniques and innovations with one another.  Features videos from Nepal, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Turkey and more.

Watch the Farmer to Farmer Knowledge Sharing playlist (9 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos by farmers around the world

Monitoring & Evaluation

A selection of videos produced during our Monitoring & Evaluation work with organisations around the world, using Participatory Video to unearth and amplify stories of change from beneficiaries across a variety of programme types. Includes examples from evaluations in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire, Burundi and Moldova.

Watch the Monitoring & Evaluation playlist (9 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Video for Monitoring and Evaluation projects

Food Sovereignty

Videos produced by communities to document, conserve and revitalise traditional agriculture and food practices.  Communities around the world have used Participatory Video to record and celebrate cultural food practices, strengthen traditional knowledge of the environment, and build strategies for a sustainable and resilient future.  This playlist contains a selection of videos from India, Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

Watch the Food Sovereignty playlist (9 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos exploring food sovereignty

Land Rights

A unique collection of Participatory Videos made by communities struggling against land-grabbing, forced evictions, corrupt land practices etc.  Includes videos from Borneo, Cameroon, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana and more.

Watch the Land Rights playlist (8 videos)

A playlist of Participatory Videos on land rights

People and the Environment

Participatory Videos from communities around the world, exploring their local environments and the pressures on their natural resources.  Includes videos from communities in Peru, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Angola, the Balkans and many more.

Watch the People and the Environment playlist (9 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos exploring the environment

Culture & Traditions

Participatory Videos exploring an array of cultures and traditions from indigenous communities and beyond.  This collection includes videos from Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Peru, Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia and more.

Watch the Culture & Traditions playlist (9 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos exploring culture and traditions

Health and Wellbeing

In these Participatory Videos different communities and groups around the world document healthcare, both traditional and mainstream, and issues including maternal health, mental wellbeing, and bereavement.  This collection includes videos from UK, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Malawi, Nepal and many more.

Watch the Health and Wellbeing playlist (12 videos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos exploring health and wellbeing

Projets à travers le monde

Une collection de tous nos films qui ont été réalisés en français ou sont sous-titrés en français. Cette playliste rassemble une sélection de vidéos illustrant notre travail avec des communautés en Côte d’Ivoire, en République démocratique du Congo (RDC), au Burkina Faso, à Madagascar, au Cameroun et en Tanzanie.

Voir la playlist “Projets à travers le monde (16 vidéos)

Playlist of Participatory Videos in French

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