We are dedicated to sharing the knowledge, skills and insights we gain through our work with communities around the world. Here we present some of our growing collection of guidebooks and toolkits, written articles, and video tutorials.

A woman in Malawi speaking about testing positive for HIV

AIDS Support Group

In this short article InsightShare Associate Dominic Elliot describes his work with an Aids support group in Malawi. In 2005, InsightShare used Participatory Video as a tool for working with an HIV-positive community group in M’deka, Malawi. The 3-day project was carried out in partnership with the Malawi branch of GOAL, an Irish non-governmental organisation…

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Three women in Uganda taking part in a PV MSC process

Experiences with the MSC approach

Chris Lunch (Co-Founder and Director) of InsightShare describes how communities are using Participatory Video to capture and interpret stories of significant change. Participatory Video lends itself well to project monitoring and evaluation – it is an iterative process whereby community members use video to document innovations and ideas, or to focus on issues that affect their environment…

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Two young indigenous activists speaking and dancing on Participatory Video at UNPFII

Empowering Communities Through Participatory Video

Catherine Setchell interviews Nick Lunch (Co-Founder & Director, InsightShare) during the IFIP Annual Conference and the 5th UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. On May 25th, InsightShare launched a handbook on Participatory Video at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) to an audience of over 100 indigenous delegates, NGOs, agencies and government representatives….

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A hand drawn picture of livestock by farmers in Turkmenistan

Rural People Document their Knowledge and Innovations

In this article, Chris Lunch (Co-Founder & Co-Director) of InsightShare describes a project carried out in Turkmenistan to illustrate how Participatory Videos about farmer innovation and experimentation can help to bring farmers’ own voices and images to the attention of policymakers in agricultural research and development (ARD). ‘Indigenous knowledge and local initiatives are usually documented and disseminated…

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