The cover for 'Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field'

Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field

‘Insights into Participatory Video’ is a practical guide to facilitating Participatory Video projects for social change. This groundbreaking guidebook draws on our experience of delivering Participatory Video projects with diverse groups and communities addressing a wide range of issues.  Includes guidance on project development and set-up, key games and exercises, facilitator techniques, and short case studies from past projects.

“This is such an excellent piece of work, accessible, clear, original, and inspiring.  It is an education to people like me who have only seen PV from afar.  It deserves wide publicity and dissemination, and many readers for whom it will be an invitation to creativity, opening up a new dimension, new activities, a new repertoire of good things to do.”

Dr Robert Chambers (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex)

‘Insights into Participatory Video’ is recognised as the most accessible and instructive text on Participatory Video available.  Since its first publication in 2006, it has been downloaded and used used by thousands of facilitators and community groups around the world. It is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Bahasa Indonesia.

Download here: ‘Insights into Participatory Video: A Handbook for the Field’ (All languages)

If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the handbook, please contact us.

‘Insights into Participatory Video’ was written by Nick and Chris Lunch, co-founders of InsightShare and published with support from:


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