Combatting Corruption through Participatory Video

This practical guide on using video to combat corruption is the result of 10 years of collaboration between the InsightShare and Transparency International on projects with citizens worldwide. It is full of rich examples of how participatory video has been used to fight injustice in different contexts across two continents, including a community displaced by diamond-mining, young people excluded from poverty eradication strategies, widows made landless by customary leaders, and island residents threatened with forced evictions by land grabbers.

The guide outlines exercises and approaches to using participatory video in this context to open ears and minds and help other ordinary citizens, chiefs, business leaders and politicians move out of their filter bubbles and into the realities of those they rarely meet, let alone listen to.  The lived experiences of the women and men affected by corruption and the impact on entire communities, cultures and ecosystems are all-too-often absent from the anti-corruption conversation. Overcoming the apathy of citizens towards the corruption that corrodes society and thwarts development – often tolerated as intractable or accepted as inevitable – requires people everywhere to be informed and empowered to take action. We hope this guidebook contributes in a very practical and tangible way to strengthening that  important movement.

The Guidebook  ‘Combatting Corruption through Participatory Video’ is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from the link below.

Download ‘Combatting Corruption through Participatory Video’

‘Combatting Corruption through Participatory Video’ was written by Gareth Benest, InsightShare. It was edited by Chris and Nick Lunch, InsightShare and Annette Jaitner, Transparency International. Published by Transparency International and InsightShare.

“InsightShare have provided expertise and professionalism throughout our work together. We’re very happy with their training projects and products. We now have the tools we need to create change with participatory video.” – Irem Roentgen, Transparency International

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Watch our VIDEO on a project in Madagascar with Women combatting corruption.

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