Trees in Kenya village houses

COVID-19: Local Responses to a Global Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a pressure point for the world’s vulnerable peoples. As we all retreat into our homes, their struggles become more invisible. InsightShare Network’s new series amplifying Indigenous voices on COVID-19 uses media to bring into focus stories on the crisis from 10 different countries. By Grace Hutchison. The unequal COVID-19 crisis The…

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Photo of participatory video training with participant being interviewed during training. Training facilitated by La Marabunta Filmadora in Brazil with Guajajara indigenous people

A Model from Mexico for Connected Indigenous Communities

La Marabunta Filmadora in Mexico is a Sonora-based Participatory Video hub run by Yaqui and Comcaac community members: Anabela Carlon, Eusebia Flores, Faviola Rodríguez, Samuel Cupis and others. Grace Hutchison interviews InsightShare Associate, Thor Morales, on the importance of the La Marabunta model and of connected Indigenous communities. Technology is more accessible than ever. And…

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