Unpacking How Earthquake Recovery Happened

What helps communities to be strong in the face of natural disasters?

InsightShare has been supporting British Red Cross and Nepal Red Cross Society to use Participatory Video and Most Significant Change (PV MSC) as a method to help unpack how the earthquake recovery happened in Nepal and understand how to strengthen urban resilience.

The Red Cross staff in Nepal is keen to learn and innovate by incorporating PV MSC into their wider monitoring and evaluation systems and their community engagement and accountability work.

The initial key focus of the training was to support them in measuring impact on people’s lives during the recovery from the earthquake as well as monitor progress while  strengthening urban resilience in the face of natural disasters. But the team is already thinking ahead and also designing its use in other programmes in the country.

This training provided key skills and practices that the staff will use to carry out their action plans in the next few months. We shall visit them again in February 2019 to review their progress, provide more technical learning and support them in planning ahead.

For now we leave you with a few photographs of the training.

By Soledad Muñiz, Head of Innovation and Development, and lead trainer in this project

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