“The crucial task is for people to be able to speak directly to each other without the danger of someone else ventriloquizing their world view and their concerns about the world. This is what participatory video unlocks, and this is why I really like this project”. George Monbiot, Guardian Journalist

In November 2017, Samwel Nangiria, a Maasai activist and leader of local participatory video collective, joined us to work with our other indigenous partners from India and Mexico to build a network of indigenous-led participatory video hubs. As part of this, Pitt Rivers Museum kindly hosted an event: Stories of Solidarity and Resilience, moderated by Guardian journalist George Monbiot. Museum Director Laura van Broekhoven also arranged for the group to meet curators and interact with objects from their respective regions. And this is what planted the seeds for Living Cultures.

“The knowledge I’ve acquired shouldn’t stay within me; more people should know about these methods to address complex issues. A lot of people wanting to make change visit us with great ideas for videos. We need to support them to give order to their ideas and work jointly to have an impact in the community.”

Anabela Carlon (Yaqui facilitator, Mexico)

“I could deeply connect myself with the issues faced by other indigenous communities through the conversations we had over workshop sessions, events, dining table and walks.  Amazing stories of resilience and solidarity shared through PV gave me hope that another world is possible and I believe that many people who were part of the events both at Pitt Rivers Museum and the Building Centre understood our stories of struggle and hope”

Seno Tsuhah (Naga facilitator, India)

Stories of Solidarity and Resilience Film

New shoots

New Shoots profiles the work of the emerging video collective in Mexico.



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