A photo of Thor Morales

Thor Morales

Thor first collaborated with InsightShare on 2010 during the last phase of the Conversations with the Earth initiative. He became an Associate in 2015 and has lead since then the projects in northwestern Mexico. During that time he supported the Yaqui and Comcaac video hubs become the first indigenous collective of participatory video facilitators, La Marabunta Filmadora. He then supported four indigenous groups in northern Kenya to become PV facilitators. The same year he also worked in West Africa as facilitator in a participatory video training for social workers of the Lutheran Church of Liberia. Thor is now also involved in supporting First Nations in Canada use PV to monitor climate change and environmental pollution.

Thor has a degree in Biology and extensive experience in community and biocultural conservation. He later on became a professional photographer and filmmaker. When he is not facilitating for InsightShare, he is working on his own documentaries.

Languages: Spanish (native) ~ English (fluent) ~ Brazilian Portuguese (advanced) ~ French (basic)
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