InsightShare Director Nick Lunch

Nick Lunch

Nick is an experienced Participatory Video facilitator, working at home in Oxford and in over 20 countries since 1996. His passion for the methodology grew from experimenting in handing over control of the camera and film project to indigenous youth in Nepal.

Nick co-founded InsightShare with his brother Chris, and has helped lead the organisation through an eventful journey of ongoing learning, and evolution. Today his focus is on honing the organisation’s capacity building skills, working with community animators to support a growing grassroots Participatory Video movement.

Much of his fieldwork has involved repeat visits to indigenous partner communities in Africa, Asia and South and Central America; working together to preserve and promote traditional knowledge, advance the cause of indigenous rights, and support local representatives as delegates at key global gatherings.

Nick has completed accredited training in Non-Violent Communication, Theory U (Presencing Institute), and Permaculture Design.

Languages: English (native) ~ French (fluent) ~ Spanish (intermediate)