A hand drawing with a marker pen during a Participatory Video workshop

Unpacking how change happened

How does the combined use of Participatory Video and MSC help evaluators gather qualitative data that can be communicated in an accessible way to stakeholders, funders and partners? In this short article for BetterEvaluation, Soledad Muñiz (Head of Innovation and Development at InsightShare) explains how our approaches make the process accessible, easy to implement, rigorous and accountable for beneficiaries, researchers and development organisations to use in their international development projects.

I was fascinated to witness how Participatory Video enabled groups and individuals to share their personal stories, while at the same time helping them evaluate the changes that have taken place around them over time through iteration, discussion and debate. This helped the evaluation team to unpack how change happened in people’s lives.

Unpacking how change happened
By Soledad Muñiz
Published by BetterEvaluation

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