A woman and a man in Northern Kenya attach a camera to a tripod during a Participatory Video project

Global network of community-owned video hubs

How can the emergence of autonomous, community-led media ‘hubs’, working together in a global network, enable community voices to be shared internationally? Soledad Muñiz (Head of Innovation and Development at InsightShare) explores our big vision: a heterogeneous village globe that uses communication media to shift power and relations and create equality.

The hub network began in 2006 and there are now nine community hubs operating across four continents. Hubs aim to empower marginalised communities directly. They do this by building a new generation of facilitators that do not depend on an external organisation or intermediaries. They work with their own communities using Participatory Video methods to build bridges horizontally and vertically and develop greater control over the decisions affecting their lives.

Global network of community-owned video hubs
By Soledad Muñiz
Published by PLA Notes (IIED)

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