A group of people in Liberia walking down the road holding camera equipment during a Participatory Video project

Community-led and community-owned development

Why is Participatory Video such an effective tool for engaging and mobilising marginalised people? Soledad Muñiz (Head of Innovation and Development at InsightShare) shares her personal passion and commitment to the technique through this thoughtful article on Peace Direct’s Local First blog.

“I’d like to say that this film was made by us Batwa. I’m happy to say that nobody else made this film.” Every time I watch this video and hear this man say this with so much authority and power, it gives me goose bumps. And you may ask yourself why? Well, because at InsightShare we know that a video camera is a people magnet and it is 1000 times more powerful in the hands of a local person.

An approach to community-led and community-owned development
By Soledad Muñiz
Published by Peace Direct (Local First)