A woman using the camera during a Participatory Video project in Sierra Leone

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Evaluating UNICEF’s peace-building programmes in Africa

We trained young people and local staff in Côte d’Ivoire, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Burundi to use Participatory Video and Most Significant Change to evaluate the results of the PBEA programme in selected regions of their countries. They formed local evaluation teams guided by our facilitators and co-designed the process, facilitated the fieldwork and analysed the results using participatory methods.

The young people and local staff were able to listen to more than 300 hundred stories across the four countries, create 48 videos and involve more than 600 people in screenings. This video report from Uganda shows the process the local evaluation teams facilitated:


“After the training I went to my family and I started talking to the people I fought with. We started talking and we were able to reconcile. The more peace grew in my heart the more peace I could share.”

Participant / Storyteller, Uganda

The participatory evaluations focused on really different issues in each country: transitional justice and youth-led peace groups in post-conflict Côte d’Ivoire; sustainable livelihoods for youth and resilience against conflict at community level in Karamoja, Uganda; child-friendly schools and youth-led peace in communal conflicts in Sierra Leone; and Ubuntu values among returnees and residents in Burundi. This video summary from Burundi shows some of the evaluation results:


“The change is also in our perceptions, like the weddings between residents and returnees, they strengthen our relationships, and now we even search for firewood together. Although they chased me, I am no longer angry against them, I have no hate any more”

Participant / Storyteller, Burundi


You can watch all the videos for each evaluation/country in the following playlists:

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Transitional Justice

Peace Clubs


Uganda – PV MSC capacity building and final evaluation of PBEA programme


Sierra Leone – PV MSC final evaluation for PBEA programme


Burundi – PV MSC final evaluation for their PBEA programme

Makamba and Rumonge

These participatory evaluations were initiated by UNICEF country and regional offices, UNICEF C4D Headquarters and the PBEA programme team. You can learn more about the programme from the Learning for Peace website.