My Placement Experience at InsightShare

December 2023-March 2024

As my placement at InsightShare draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the enriching experiences and valuable knowledge I’ve gained during my time here. Working as a campaign supporter for the last 4 months remotely was nothing less than enlightening, where I had the space to explore different contemporary topics in the development field that suited my interests, allowing me to dive deep into the realm of community-driven initiatives led by Indigenous Peoples.

One of my highlights of the placement was the opportunity to contribute to the Maasai Healing Ceremony social media campaign.

Learning about this transformative moment of unity between the leadership team at Oxford University Pitt Rivers Museum and the Maasai community, a group close to my heart and heritage, was profoundly inspiring. Through crafting social media posts to raise awareness and promote discussions about culturally significant artefacts held in museums, I had the privilege of sharing the story of this collaborative union facilitated by InsightShare. It was a privilege to play a part in amplifying the voices of the Maasai community and shed light on the real issues they face, far removed from the stereotypical portrayal of them often used as marketing material for tourism. 

My placement at InsightShare has been a very educative experience under many points of view.

Being a Global development student, it was a great opportunity to learn from an organization that is trying to solve today’s complex development challenges through a decolonial lens. It has allowed me to glean much insight into the importance of tackling Eurocentric views of development by dismantling barriers and recognising the importance of marginalised communities leading the change they want to see in the world. Moreover, many of the tasks I undertook during my placement facilitated the development of various skills crucial for my professional growth. Engaging in writing, social media management, and communication, along with analysing data from our social media campaigns, allowed me to hone my abilities. I loved the challenge of adapting my writing to different audiences and stakeholders. These experiences have undoubtedly equipped me with valuable skills essential for a career in international development.

I am deeply grateful for the attention, guidance, and support provided by my learning and training supervisor, Tania who guided my in different ways, being always open to help me in any moment of difficulty as well as my supervisor, Soledad and Director, Nick, who provided continuous feedback and guidance which ensured my constant improvement in these areas. Their mentorship has improved my confidence in communications and social media management, further solidifying my readiness for a career in international development.

As I approach the end of my placement experience at InsightShare, I carry with me a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects, gain a better understanding of the development sector and collaborate with passionate individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the work of InsightShare. The relationships forged will continue to inspire and guide me in my future endeavours. I look forward to using the skills I have acquired during my internships in the future.

About the Author

Zahra Wazifdar

I am a final year Global Development student at SOAS University, in London. I am currently part of the campaign support at InsightShare as part of my placement. I have a particular interest in environmentalism in East Africa and Migration and Diaspora Studies. My interest in environmentalism began with campaign work at Islamic Relief where I organised eco-iftars in my local community, blending spirituality with environmental awareness.

Find more about Zahra Wazifdar on LinkedIn.

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