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InsightShare undertakes a wide variety of projects using Participatory Video as a tool for community action, advocacy, consultation, research, monitoring & evaluation, network development and more besides. We provide consultancy services to organisations wishing to undertake Participatory Video projects, either providing experienced facilitators or by training staff to facilitate the process themselves.  

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Participatory Video for Monitoring and Evaluation

InsightShare offers training in Participatory Video for Monitoring and Evaluation. Participatory Video adds value, encourage iterative learning and explore qualitative data often missed through traditional M&E methods.

Participatory Video for Capacity Building

Our in depth training model has been developed and refined over years of successful application in many different countries and contexts. It can be easily modified to fit with the particular needs and context of different organisations, programmes or projects.

Participatory Video for Community Consultation

Participatory Video is a great way to engage a group or community in the planning and implementation of local schemes, creating a true dialogue.

Participatory Video for Advocacy

Participatory Video has been used successfully by communities to make change through sustained and effective advocacy campaigns.

Participatory Video for Research

Participatory Video gives people the opportunity to determine what is being studied in a research, collaborate on the different stages, acquire research skills, democratise the knowledge generation and the sharing of results.