Local communities are often best placed to understand how to live in harmony with their environment. The following videos, articles, photostories and case studies are examples of different communities around the world using Participatory Video to organise, mobilise and express themselves in order to put local knowledge at the centre of natural resource management.
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Waiting For Water

When people living near the small tea estate in Inanda saw water pipes being laid in October 2004, they were overjoyed. Standpipes would soon be spouting water, they were told…but they waited in vain. Three years later, Inanda residents planned, directed and filmed 'Waiting for Water' as a local lobbying tool...and the impacts were immediate.

Waiting For Water

The photostory for 'Waiting For Water' tells the story behind the creation of this short but powerful film that provided the tool for an advocacy drive to bring water access to an entire community.

Voice of the Batwa

The Voice of the Batwa photo story is a detailed description of the process through which a group of Batwa, from various squatter camps in Uganda, created a powerful film documenting the discrimination and marginalisation they face.

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Voice of the Batwa

'Voice of the Batwa' was planned and filmed by members of the Batwa people during a Participatory Video project facilitated by InsightShare. Part of this film was aired on Ugandan television as well as being screened to local and national politicians, donors and NGOs.

Traditional Paddy To The Rescue

'Traditional Paddy To The Rescue' was made by Sri Lankan farmers in 2007 to document the re-introduction of traditional varieties of rice, which grow successfully in their heavily salinated soils. 

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Kisoro District Regional Commissioner Speaks about the Batwa

This short clip shows the Kisoro District Regional Commissioner make concrete commitments to help improve the situation for the Batwa people of South West Uganda, in particular helping them with land claims and rights to education.

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Peoples Planet

InsightShare participated in a course on community-based conservation and ethnoecology in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, that was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology.


'Kamayoqs' was created during a pilot initiative with potato and alpaca Kamayoqs, in the high Andes of Peru, exploring the potential of Participatory Video for pro-poor market development and farmer-to farmer technology transfer.

PV for Research CASE STUDY - Himalayan Resource Management

This European Commission funded project aimed to identify the key research requirements for natural resource management to support existing policies for sustainable integrated mountain development in the Karakoram-Hindu Kush-Himalayan (KHKH) region.

Solar Power = Community Power

The result of a Participatory Video consultation process, this film describes how solar power became more than just a means of renewable energy for these remote desert shepherding villages. Each family receiving a solar installation contributed one ewe and one lamb to a collectively managed flock. These flocks gave the communities a new kind of power; the ability to carry out local actions and make their own positive changes