Participatory Video has been used successfully by communities to make change through sustained and effective advocacy campaigns. Planning, working and analysing together enables them to evolve local solutions and reflect on their values as a group and individually. This process boosts their confidence to address broader issues and secure change. Here are some examples.
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PV for Advocacy CASE STUDY: Maternal Mortality in Burkina Faso

This project in Burkina Faso was developed by the White Ribbon Alliance to boost the ongoing campaign for reducing maternal mortality through voices from the ground.

Themes: Health
Category: Advocacy

Avec Nous

This is a visual record of the Participatory Video process behind the production 'Avec Nous' - a powerful film giving voice to women and men, mothers and fathers, midwives and community activists in Burkina Faso.

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Kono Communities Affected by Mining

The residents of the Kimberlite township in Kono District, Sierra Leone, have been relocated to make way for a lucrative diamond mining concession.

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Our Freedom

InsightShare's Nick Lunch has worked with facilitator Glynn Brown in Oxford for several years and this is an example of how PV was able to catalyse deep cultural connections for participants with learning disabilities alongside other specific cultural activities especially music, drawing specifically on Afro-Caribbean and Indo-Pakistani traditions.

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The town of Boajibu in Kenema district experienced a great deal of destruction during Sierra Leone's civil war, and has since declined from its former affluence.

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Kisoro District Regional Commissioner Speaks about the Batwa

This short clip shows the Kisoro District Regional Commissioner make concrete commitments to help improve the situation for the Batwa people of South West Uganda, in particular helping them with land claims and rights to education.

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Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change

This film was produced using participatory video techniques during the Nike sponsored 'Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change' conference which took place in Casablanca in May 2007.

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Inanda Project Introduction

This video is an introduction to the Participatory Video project that was carried out in Inanda, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, in July 2007.

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Sidlasonke - We Eat Together

A short film made about a local feeding scheme in Inanda township - embodying hope and self-help.