Yaqui and Comcaac Participatory Video facilitators editing their videos


From the Ocean across the Sierra

In 2010 we started a journey hand in hand with Comcaac and Yaqui indigenous peoples: we trained them initially as community filmmakers, and from 2015 as Participatory Video facilitators.  They have founded La Marabunta Filmadora, a collective that involves both Comcaac and Yaqui facilitators working inside their communities as well as supporting neighbouring indigenous groups across Northwestern Mexico.

Over the past nine years they have produced more than 40 videos and supported several other community groups in making their own films.  In 2019, they were invited to train Amazonian groups in Brazil and Ecuador as participatory video facilitators. They have worked on issues ranging from climate change, conservation, food sovereignty, cultural affirmation, indigenous peoples rights, traditional medicine and territorial sovereignty.  Here you can listen to some of them talking about their reasons for establishing the Indigenous Participatory Video Facilitation Centre:


“It allows me to help the community enabling its members to make their own videos so they can raise their voices without anyone speaking on their behalf…”

Romelia Barnett (Comcaac facilitator)

La Marabunta Filmadora are currently working with the Raramuri, Guarijios, Mayos and Pima communities as well as promoting their services through screenings and their YouTube channel.

“We have gone through the same situations, the same discrimination, more or less the same problems, language loss and many other things. As we are in the same position, when we try to help each other we feel more confident: we know where the problem lies because we are inside it.”

Anabela Carlon (Yaqui facilitator)

Watch them in action in the second part of the video documenting their facilitation experiences:



The activities were initiated by Jamut Boo’o and Hantezj Haco alongside InsightShare and funded by The Christensen Fund.



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