The InsightShare team smiling and waving at the camera!

We’ve had a facelift

As you might have noticed, our logos and gizmos were all starting to look rather tired and somewhat lived-in; a little puffed here and beginning to sag there.

Well, never ones to shy away from a challenge, we stiffened the sinews and summoned our collective courage to take long look in the mirror and imagine ourselves a fresh new face with a twinkling smile.  We assembled an expert team of design consultants and online gurus from Archetype Design to nip, tuck, bleach and buff everything from our social media widgets through to our logo and website. This is the great reveal… it’s when you gasp and applaud wildly.

We do hope you like the new look and feel at InsightShare. Please do let us know what you think about this, or anything else. We’re always happy to hear from you. Yes, you.