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InsightShare has over fifteen years of experience facilitating Participatory Video projects with communities all around the world. Here is a cross-section of examples from over the years demonstrating various applications for the methodology.

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What is Participatory Video?

This animation explains the process and ethos behind the Participatory Video methodology, as practiced by InsightShare in its various projects around the world.  Using simple drawings, reminiscent of the storyboards created by participants, the process of community authored video for change is detailed from conception to creation and beyond.

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Tofiga O Pili Aau

Documenting the impacts of climate change on the coastal communities in Samoa, 'Tofiga O Pili Aau' was created by representatives from eight villages on Savai-i and Upolu islands.

Waiting For Water

When people living near the small tea estate in Inanda saw water pipes being laid in October 2004, they were overjoyed. Standpipes would soon be spouting water, they were told…but they waited in vain. Three years later, Inanda residents planned, directed and filmed 'Waiting for Water' as a local lobbying tool...and the impacts were immediate.

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Voice of the Batwa

'Voice of the Batwa' was planned and filmed by members of the Batwa people during a Participatory Video project facilitated by InsightShare. Part of this film was aired on Ugandan television as well as being screened to local and national politicians, donors and NGOs.


'Kamayoqs' was created during a pilot initiative with potato and alpaca Kamayoqs, in the high Andes of Peru, exploring the potential of Participatory Video for pro-poor market development and farmer-to farmer technology transfer.

Tichezerane AIDS Support Group

This film was planned and filmed by the members of the Tichezerane AIDS Support group, in Malawi, and describes the group's history and the stories of some of its members; all of whom live with the HIV virus.

Play Your Part

‘Play your Part’ is a Participatory Video made by the Tanzanian White Ribbon Alliance to address issues of Safe Motherhood in Tanzania. The film has been shown at national and international conferences and on Tanzanian television.

Himalayan Voices (compilation)

 Natural Resource Management in the Himalayan/Hindu Kush Regions

Basket Weaving in Kalbeo Village

In this short film the women of Kalbeo village in northern Ghana demonstrate their techniques for crafting baskets for sale in the markets.  It is part of a series of short videos charting various livelihoods and farming activities including yam planting, honey collection and pig rearing.

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Voices from the Steppe

'Voices From the Steppe' was made during a Participatory Video project with semi-nomadic shepherds in Kazakhstan as part of the multidisciplinary DARCA (Desertification and Regeneration in Central Asia) programme.