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InsightShare has over fifteen years of experience facilitating Participatory Video projects with communities all around the world.  Here you will find many of the videos produced as part of those projects, stretching back over the years. 

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Kuna Conversations with Mother Earth

'Kuna Conversations with Mother Earth' was created during a Participatory Video during which the Kuna Indians of Panama documented their struggle to conserve the forests, their main source of food and traditional medicine.

Peru Conversations with Mother Earth

'Peru Conversations with Mother Earth' is a powerful film relating the Andean cosmovision.  Quechua videographers documented seasonal changes, hail, melting glaciers, christian fundamentalism, and other threats to their culture, livelihoods and landscapes.

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Oxford Playday

Created by 6 young people from Oxford to document the fabulous Playday in Florence Park. Commissioned by the organisers, the Participation and Play Team, who aim to educate families and encourage outdoor play.

Themes: Health, Youth

Waiting For Water

When people living near the small tea estate in Inanda saw water pipes being laid in October 2004, they were overjoyed. Standpipes would soon be spouting water, they were told…but they waited in vain. Three years later, Inanda residents planned, directed and filmed 'Waiting for Water' as a local lobbying tool...and the impacts were immediate.

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Girls That Play

This Participatory Video was made by a group of female and disabled sports coaches, and shows the impact that football and sitball is having on the lives of girls and the disabled in Rwanda.

Category: Video Messages

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London Tigers

This is a short version of a recent film created by members of the Muslim Boys Youth Club, operated by the London Tigers, as part of a recent Participatory Video project with InsightShare.

Living On A Poisonous Stream

The residents of Permisan village near the Porong river in East Java have been harvesting fish from their ponds for generations, but since an environmental disaster at the Lapindo Brantas gas mining site in May 2006, the area has been suffering from vast eruptions of volcanic mud, which have buried nearby villages and displaced thousands of people.

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Young Roots

A video introducing the Young Roots project, featuring original music from Zimbawean-born artist Sinini Ngwenya and highlights of performances, workshops, cultural exchange, work with a famous museum, and simply getting togetherfor fun and friendship.

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Indigenous Perspectives From UNPFII 2008

Participatory Video project undertaken by indigenous community leaders at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, May 2008.

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Welcome to Betteshanger

Young people from Betteshanger in Kent set out to explore their community spaces and meet people who have a special relationship with the community and its past. This video is the result of a Participatory Video project undertaken by InsightShare and the Social Innovation Lab at Kent County Council.

Themes: Youth
Category: Video Messages