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Ericaville Farming Trust

In this participatory video project a film is made by 11 members of the Ericaville Farming Trust. A complicated process led to the participants going out into their community to enable a group of youth, elders and women to come together to tell their stories through a participatory video process, and community screening. The video tells the story of their journey together as a community. The past displacement from the West Coast and their resettlement along the coast of the Southern Cape, South Africa, their longing to own land and to farm became a reality after a wait of 30 years.

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Participatory Video with Farmers

A compilation of videos produced by farming communities across Sub-Saharan Africa during a series of participatory video projects. Through this unique programme farming communities from Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda used video to explore issues affecting their environment and their adaptation strategies to coping with the effects of global climate change.

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Visions of a Sustainable World

A short film of voices from India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, giving their answers to the question 'What is your vision of a sustainable world?'

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How can we achieve a sustainable world?

A short film of voices from India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, giving their ideas on how we can achieve a sustainable world. Made by InsightShare facilitators with the involvement of Participatory Video hubs in northeast India and South Africa, at the request of the Brave collaboration, initiated by UKCDS.

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Participatory Video for Monitoring & Evaluation CASE STUDY: Community-Based Adaptation in Africa

In 2009 InsightShare was invited by IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) to develop ways to use participatory video to monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation. Over 18 months, we held workshops in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi under the Community-Based Adaptation in Africa (CBAA) initiative.

Umphakathi Okhohliwe (The Forgotten Community)

A short film created by community representatives in the KwaSanti township in Durban as part of a capacity building programme for Oxfam Canada partners in southern Africa.

South Africa

The Hub in South Africa (called Insight eThekweni) is located within the Inanda township in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. We are not filmmakers doing social media, but developmental workers seeking to make a difference in the lives of the marginalised. We are community activists seeking a new world that will be inheritable to our children – advocating for social and environmental justice.
Countries: South Africa