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Children and Conflict in Southern Sierra Leone

UNICEF Sierra Leone has been exploring the linkages between education and peace building through targeted actions such as the Child Friendly Schools action research programme. The Child Friendly Schools initiative is a multi-dimensional concept of quality that addresses the total needs of the child as a learner. 

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Kono Communities Affected by Mining

The residents of the Kimberlite township in Kono District, Sierra Leone, have been relocated to make way for a lucrative diamond mining concession.

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The town of Boajibu in Kenema district experienced a great deal of destruction during Sierra Leone's civil war, and has since declined from its former affluence.

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The Bridge in Foya Village

The village of Foya in Bo District use a video camera to explain some of the unique difficulties they face as a result of being cut off by a slender river bridge, and appeal for assistance to help them overcome their physical isolation and participate in their own development.