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Conversations with the Earth at COP15

Conversations with the Earth has led to an international indigenous family of communities and media hubs covering 4 continents and many diverse ecosystems. Participatory Video capacity building was the catalyst to community empowerment and the amplifying of excluded voices of the traditional custodians of our planet's biocultural diversity. This photostory visually describes the 10 days we spent together in Copenhagen in December 2009 participating in the UN COP15 conference and Klimaforum, the people's summit.


Kuna Indians are using Participatory Video in their struggle to conserve their forests, which are their main source of food and medicine. As their traditional island territories are threatened by rising sea levels, they are using video to ask indigenous youth to reconnect to agriculture and invite industrial countries to cooperate in the conservation of biodiversity.
Countries: Panama
Regions: South America

Kuna Conversations with Mother Earth

'Kuna Conversations with Mother Earth' was created during a Participatory Video during which the Kuna Indians of Panama documented their struggle to conserve the forests, their main source of food and traditional medicine.