Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a planet made up of healthy, resilient communities; people inspired to draw on their knowledge, harnessing local skills and appropriate technologies, and gaining influence on the critical issues that concern us all. 

Please get in touch to support us to scale up the use of participatory video and make it available to communities who urgently need it.


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We work with women, smallholder farmers, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, and urban youth in all regions of the world; in particular those who are experiencing social, economic or political marginalisation. We help them initiate local projects that engage their wider community and other key stakeholders and enable them to build resilience, self-determination, and restore harmony.

Our work helps people to reconnect with local knowledge and affirm their cultural roots. As a tool for self-determination, participatory video enables marginalised people to see and hear one another in new ways; building collective intelligence to creatively address critical issues.

Unlike top down initiatives designed and initiated by outside donors or development organisations, these locally-led participatory video projects always reflect local priorities and are designed to leave a lasting legacy.

Together with our target groups and local partners we identify change-makers and innovators and provide training and capacity building programmes in participatory video facilitation. We equip grassroots change-makers with the cameras, skills and the participatory tools they need to initiate locally-led change.

We believe community is our strength; community power, rather than politics, is leading the transition to an ecological and fair world. Help us reach more communities!

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