Strengthening In-House Participatory Video

InsightShare provide professional development services for organisations wishing to strengthen in-house capacity to organise and facilitate participatory video processes. Our consultancy services are based upon decades of field experience and innovation at the cutting edge of participatory video practice.

For more information on our professional support services
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Our professional support services include:

  • Free initial consultation and scoping meetings
  • Mentoring and support for staff (during design, implementation and evaluation)
  • Bespoke training courses in all aspects of project design and facilitation*
  • Training modules and resources (including toolkits, case studies and handbooks)
  • Field-based visits to support design and/or implementation of participatory video projects
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) services for projects
  • Hosted webinars (virtual presentation / seminar) for supporters, partners, staff, stakeholders etc.
  • Trans-organisational learning sets, facilitated discussions and peer-to-peer learning events
  • Opportunities to accompany and learn alongside InsightShare facilitators in the field

What do people who have used the service think?

"Whilst I had acquired skills for PV facilitation through the initial course, the mentoring session really helped me to develop a well-thought through plan, building on the masses of knowledge and experience that InsightShare has developed over the years.  It really helped me to answer any niggling concerns that I had regarding my project, and address issues that I had not even thought about. I would recommend InsightShare’s mentoring services to anyone in the development stages of projects; being able to brainstorm ideas and develop plans with such experienced facilitators really is invaluable.  The session helped me to work through my project, and develop plans and ideas at each stage; right through from participant selection protocols to schedules and community screenings.  I now feel far more confident that I will be able to facilitate a representative and fruitful PV process." Jack Jenkins Hill, Advisor and Project Manager, Spectrum, Myanmar

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"As an alumni of the PV Facilitation course at InsightShare, I sought help from them in order to tackle the more scientific and complex M&E process. Their vast amount of experience using PV is useful not only for empowerment or research, but also for monitoring and evaluating development projects, like ours. Soledad Muniz mentored me to work out a thorough strategy and structure for an intensive analysis workshop. I was well prepared to go back to Malawi to work with the 7 field coordinators that finished the big task of collecting up to 280 stories of change through 14 story workshops in five months." Sabine Hellmann is a filmmaker, graphic designer and PV facilitator based in Edinburgh, currently working with Climate Futures on the CSA project:

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