Better Participatory Video Practice

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Develop capacity in PV. Build networks for change. Develop better PV practice.

Participatory Video: Better Practice for Social Change

A Webinar Series
Co-organised by Open University (UK), InsightShare, Web Gathering and Open Cine


Four leading institutions in participatory video (PV) and web-based communication have come together to organise a global series of blended face-to-face and online workshops where researchers, activists and development workers will:
  Share better practices in PV for positive and lasting change
  Learn about PV as a tool for change and as a research methodology
  Explore avenues for improving collective practice in PV (including open access learning resources)
  Enrich networks and build greater quality, ethical practice and effective training in PV

To develop capacity in PV, build networks for change and develop a comprehensive training curriculum for researchers, facilitators, community activists and community-led video.

Areas of application?
Research, natural resource management, climate change, community development, education, health and social services, mobile technologies, gender and social justice.

Click here if you want to visit the Better PV Practice blog and watch the recording or read more about the series.
Click here if you want to visit the C4D Network Better PV Practice group and continue the interaction or download resources.