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Ethiopia Participatory Media Hub Development Stage 1

Summary of a training that is the first stage in establishing a Participatory Video hub in Ethiopia.

Conversations With The Earth - website & exhibition info

A short PDF including information about the forthcoming exhibition for CWE at the National Museum for the American Indian (NMAI) in Washington DC and the latest incarnation of the website, due to be launched in June 2011.

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE October 2010

Conversations with the Earth (CWE) is an indigenous-led media network that documents indigenous perspectives on climate change. This newsletter summarizes the latest news about the travels of the CWE multi-media exhibition, the local action plans of the community-owned video hubs and other developments within the growing network.

InsightShare Newsletter October 2010

In this update we share some exciting news about the travels of the Conversations with the Earth exhibition, the latest projects of the hubs, a Monitoring & Evaluation project in Kenya, a training for Transparency International in Uganda and more...

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE July 2010

Conversations with The Earth (CWE) is an indigenous-led multi-media campaign to amplify indigenous voices in the global discourse on climate change. Since March 2009 InsightShare has worked with seven communities across three continents to help seed a growing network of community-owned video hubs. After coming back from the Copenhagen Climate Summit (UNCOP15), the indigenous representatives shared their fresh inspiration with their communities and started new initiatives. In this document we look back on all the passionate work that already led to great results during the first half of 2010.

New InsightShare publications

We proudly present some new resources that were recently published on the InsightShare website: a Spanish and a French translation of the 'Insights into Participatory Video' handbook and a brand new toolkit on using PV in combination with the Human Rights Based Approach – in which we collected all our useful experiences from the last few years. This resource can be seen as an update of the original handbook.

Join our Google Group!

We have started a new googlegroup for all those who are interested in participatory video and our work to keep in touch with the network of Participatory Video practitioners and supporters linked to InsightShare.

InsightShare Newsletter April 2010

The April 2010 newsletter is a quick update to inform you about what the member of our InsightShare team have been up to lately: ranging from the Conversations with the Earth (CWE) project with Indigenous people to the Green Agenda storytelling project with Millieukontakt partners in the Western Balkans and the capacity building project with Oxfam Canada partners in Southern Africa.

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE February 2010

Conversations with the Earth is an indigenous network of media hubs to document the impacts of climate change on vital ecosystems and local cultures. 15 indigenous representatives met in Denmark for the UN Conference of the Parties meeting on climate change (COP15). This update summarises the tremendous impacts made at the conference as well as the key milestones through 2009: the year in which InsightShare seeded 6 new community-owned hubs in Panama, Kenya, Peru, Arctic, Philippines and Cameroon.

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE December 2009

Launched in April 2009, Conversations with the Earth is a collective opportunity to build a global movement for an Indigenous- controlled community media network. This newsletter brings all the latest news from the CWE Hubs around the world.