Ericaville Farming Trust

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In this participatory video project a film is made by 11 members of the Ericaville Farming Trust. A complicated process led to the participants going out into their community to enable a group of youth, elders and women to come together to tell their stories through a participatory video process, and community screening. The video tells the story of their journey together as a community. The past displacement from the West Coast and their resettlement along the coast of the Southern Cape, South Africa, their longing to own land and to farm became a reality after a wait of 30 years. The film tells of their initial success and the ensuing struggles they have fought against the forces of nature and unpredictable weather. In their struggle to make the land work for them they have had to continually adapt and try new ways to overcome their challenges, the film tells of some of these technological interventions they are applying to strengthen their resistance to the changing climate.

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