Photostories are a new format developed by InsightShare for sharing project case studies in an accessible, fun and visually engaging format.  You can choose to either read the Photostories online or download them as PDF documents to print and share.

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Living on a Poisonous Stream

The residents of Permisan village (East Java, Indonesia) have harvested fish from the ponds for generations, but since an environmental disaster at the Lapindo Brantas gas mining site in May 2006, the area has suffered vast eruptions of volcanic mud, burying nearby villages and displacing thousands. This Photostory describes the process by which the residents of Permisan created their film 'Living on a Poisonous Stream'.

Voice of the Batwa

The Voice of the Batwa photo story is a detailed description of the process through which a group of Batwa, from various squatter camps in Uganda, created a powerful film documenting the discrimination and marginalisation they face.

Avec Nous

This is a visual record of the Participatory Video process behind the production 'Avec Nous' - a powerful film giving voice to women and men, mothers and fathers, midwives and community activists in Burkina Faso.

Tichezerane AIDS Support Group

This Photostory documents the Participatory Video project behind the creation of film by the Tichezerane AIDS Support Group, in Malawi, all of whom live with the HIV virus.

Play Your Part

This Photostory describes the Participatory Video process behind the video ‘Play your Part’ made by the Tanzanian White Ribbon Alliance to address issues of Safe Motherhood in Tanzania.