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The Barefoot Guide 4: Exploring the real work of social change

This is not a book of easy answers, but one of experiences, learnings and questions, all asking “What is the real work of social change?” Inside there are stories of change, of determined and courageous people taking creative initiatives, presented here not as “best practice models”, but as something to be learned from, to deepen our questions, to be more thoughtful in our practice.

Nick Lunch, co-founder of Insightshare contributes an article titled Indigenous people behind the camera:
 Valuing local knowledge and building resilience, horizontal linkages and global voice”. This is the story of how indigenous farmers in India, Peru and other countries are using video technologies to document and revive local knowledge, to enable and facilitate their own form of knowledge-sharing and solidarities, and strengthen resilience for the future.

Download Insightshare’s article here.

The Barefoot Guide 4 was individually and collectively written by almost 40 social change activists, leaders and practitioners from 19 countries and represents a fascinating diversity of experiences and insights.

It is a small feast of experiences and ideas, serious and playful, obvious and mysterious, illustrated by four artists, to help illuminate and provide creative bridges into the text.