Fellowship Programme - Grassroots Participatory Video Facilitators

Our vision is an international network of grassroots participatory video facilitators capable of delivering the highest quality practice. Fellows will work to support communities around the world with tools to strengthen resilience, increase self-determination, develop critical consciousness, and build capacity to engage with key issues and the decisionmaking processes affecting lives and livelihoods. The Fellowship Programme represents a groundbreaking strategy for opening access to organisations wishing to harness the power of participatory video as a tool for engaging and mobilizing communities; amplifying and sharing their voices.

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Click here to open the Fellowship Programme Brochure that outlines the structure of the programme.

Partnerships to Support Fellows

We would like to establish strategic partnerships with key organisations to invest our shared knowledge and resources in grassroots ‘changemakers’. Regionally located Fellows will provide facilitation services to partners (and their partners) around the world, enabling organisations to experience and directly benefit from participatory video as a tool for community engagement and development, rooted within and complimentary to existing programming activities and objectives.

Investing in Communities and Partners

The Fellowship Programme provides an opportunity to invest in communities and partner organisations through the development of local participatory video facilitator teams. Throughout the duration of the programme the Fellows will be available to develop, manage and directly facilitate participatory video projects on behalf of partners and within communities involved in their programmes, thereby hugely increasing the opportunities for partners and their beneficiaries to experience and learn from the process.

Our partners will benefit by being able to enroll the services of local, highly-trained, supported and fully equipped participatory video facilitators to undertake projects with their beneficiary communities as part of ongoing programming. The costs for undertaking participatory video for partners will be a fraction of the costs for training and equipping in-house staff, or employing the services of consultants, being limited to the direct local project costs.

Working Together

Fellows will be selected and recruited to work in pairs, with each pair covering a specific region (e.g. the Indian subcontinent or the Congo Basin). Dedicated mentors from InsightShare’s team of professional trainer/facilitators will be teamed with each pair, providing direct and distance support/guidance throughout the learning and project implementation stages.

Numbers & Target Regions

We aim to establish a truly international network of Fellows in numbers sufficient to provide the basis for rich learning and exchanges between the individuals and regions. We have seen the added value of networking and cross-fertilisation between countries and regions, through our Media Hubs Development Programme that has operated in ten countries since 2008, and hope to build on this success and learning through the Fellowship Programme.

Communication and Dissemination

We will build on our experience with social media and online platforms to connect the Fellows and enable ongoing documentation of their experiences – setting up blogging, a Facebook page, a series of webinars, one to one Skypes - whilst encouraging fellows to take part in conferences and workshops around the world. A good example of how community perspectives can be amplified through such diverse platforms is the Conversations With the Earth programme (www.conversationsearth.org), for which InsightShare was a founding partner. Through CWE indigenous community representatives were invited to participate in several global gatherings to showcase their videos and to share their perspectives on climate change – including at exhibitions, symposiums and film festivals held at the National Museum of Denmark, UN COP15, IUCN Barcelona in 2008, and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. and New York City. More information can be found by downloading this report.

Experience in Building Capacity

InsightShare has over fifteen years of pioneering participatory video and nine years experience in designing and implementing bespoke capacity building programmes, in participatory video facilitation and project development, for leading international humanitarian, development and conservation organisations. In the last five years we have established a unique international network of autonomous community media hubs, within eight indigenous communities and two urban centres, through which community groups have authored hundreds of powerful videos on a range of issues from climate change to traditional knowledge, women’s empowerment to drug abuse. We have designed the Fellowship Programme based upon this rich tapestry of experiences and lessons learned in building long-term, in-depth, appropriate and sustainable capacity for expanding participatory video as a tool for positive change.
InsightShare will provide:

Training in participatory video from the leading international organisation

Mentoring for learning from experienced facilitators Resources for deepening personal practise Networks for peer-to-peer learning and sharing Platforms for disseminating to wide audiences Systems for every aspect of project development, implementation and finalisation Support both technical, personal and theoretical throughout the Fellowship Programme and beyond Guidance through the complex world of participatory video facilitation and project management Accreditation in participatory video facilitation for those completing Fellowship Programme