InsightShare works with indigenous peoples in various countries all around the globe. The subjects they have chosen to document through video include efforts for self-determination, the local effects of climate change, cultural heritage documentation and other issues for which they have harnessed video as a powerful advocacy tool. Here are some examples.
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Efandeli Malamu (Peaceful Cohabitation)

In November 2012, the Dynamique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones (DGPA), with Well Grounded and InsightShare, ran a Participatory Video (PV) workshop in Lokuku village in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The workshop focused on using video to explore the relationships between the Batwa (Pygmy, or Indigenous) and Bantu residents of the village.

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Ngim Khuslai - No Need to Worry

A film made by community members from Nongtraw village, Khatarshnong, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, India. The Village Development Committee wanted to send a message to their community and beyond that there is 'No Need to Worry' if you can depend on the local natural resources available freely such as wild vegetables, fish, and bamboo for building.

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Karrayu - climate change and sustainability

This film was made by members of the Karrayu community of Dhebiti during a participatory video workshop facilitated by InsightShare in February 2012. It highlights some of the issues faced by the Karrayu pastoralists due to changing climate patterns and decreased access to traditional grazing lands. The participants also documented the community training centre field, established by members of Labata Fantalle, through which the Karrayu are engaged in permaculture training, learning how to grow crops for their livestock and food supplies.

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Rope to Tie a Lion

'A Rope to Tie a Lion' was planned, filmed and edited by a group of twelve farmers from three kebeles in Fogera woreda in Amhara region of Ethiopia. Gareth Benest from InsightShare facilitated the participatory video process alongside Beth Cullen and Aberra Adie from ILRI, which took place between the 12th and 24th February 2012.

Category: Advocacy, Training

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Dictionnaire Phrase

This film is a visual dictionary of the Baka language, intended as an educational tool for those wishing to learn their first Baka words as well as giving a fascinating insight into Baka life in the forest. It was created during a two-month skills exchange between InsightShare and Baka organisation Okani.

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The Changing Climate in Gamo Highlands

This video is a compilation of three videos made by community members from Doko, Ezo, Zozo and Daro Malo in the Gamo Highlands.  The video focuses on environmental dependencies, the strong links between the local culture and the environment, the issue of deforestation and increasing pressures on local resources and the impacts of climate and environmental change at the local level.