Respect for human rights is implicit in everything we do. With camera in hand, the vulnerable and marginalised can be better equipped to access their rights because, through making a film, they can debate, discuss, develop their ideas on what change they want, how they will get it and what is necessary action now. Here are some examples.
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PV for Community Action CASE STUDY: Indigenous Voices in Uganda

The Batwa are an indigenous people of the Great Lakes region of tropical Africa. Formerly hunter-gatherers, they were expelled from their ancestral forests to make way for conservation and tourism projects. They experience extreme racial discrimination from their neighbours, poverty, landlessness and unequal access to education and healthcare.

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Kono Communities Affected by Mining

The residents of the Kimberlite township in Kono District, Sierra Leone, have been relocated to make way for a lucrative diamond mining concession.

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The town of Boajibu in Kenema district experienced a great deal of destruction during Sierra Leone's civil war, and has since declined from its former affluence.

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Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change

This film was produced using participatory video techniques during the Nike sponsored 'Gender Equity in Sport for Social Change' conference which took place in Casablanca in May 2007.