Health can be emotional, spirititual, environmental as well as physical. Most of all our health is determined by the context in which we live, be it in our work, family or social life. The following videos, articles, case studies and photostories show how different communities have used Participatory Video as a process to reflect and act upon their local health issues.
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Not Just Homeless

A group of formerly homeless people, students and staff members of two NGOs took on the challenge to document what it is like to be homeless in Oxford, the least affordable city in the UK. The team used action research and participatory video techniques to explore the diversity of causes of homelessness, the complexity of people’s struggles and how to break down harmful stereotyping.

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Farmer-to-Farmer Video: The Improved Stove - Why and how to make it?

This training video presents the benefits of an improved stove design, by comparing it to the 'traditional stove': a metal tripod or mud structure with an open fire underneath, which many people in the world use to warm their homes and cook their meals. It also demonstrates exactly how to build it and which materials and tools are needed. The video was made by four farmers and four staff members from the Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC) during a participatory video workshop in Baraguan, Surkhet, Nepal. 

Farmer-to-farmer video at the Himalayan Permaculture Centre; a participatory video and action research project

In a mountainous, isolated part of the Surkhet district in Nepal, the Himalayan Permaculture Centre (HPC) works to support people in ten rural villages by promoting no-or-low cost, locally appropriate techniques that have the potential to improve livelihoods. In February 2014, an action research project was undertaken to explore if a farmer-to-farmer mediated extension model, based around the production and dissemination of videos featuring local farmers and HPC staff, could effectively support HPC in their mission.

Umphakathi Okhohliwe (The Forgotten Community)

A short film created by community representatives in the KwaSanti township in Durban as part of a capacity building programme for Oxfam Canada partners in southern Africa.

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Oxford Playday

Created by 6 young people from Oxford to document the fabulous Playday in Florence Park. Commissioned by the organisers, the Participation and Play Team, who aim to educate families and encourage outdoor play.

Themes: Health, Youth

Avec Nous

This is a visual record of the Participatory Video process behind the production 'Avec Nous' - a powerful film giving voice to women and men, mothers and fathers, midwives and community activists in Burkina Faso.

PV for Advocacy CASE STUDY: Maternal Mortality in Burkina Faso

This project in Burkina Faso was developed by the White Ribbon Alliance to boost the ongoing campaign for reducing maternal mortality through voices from the ground.

Themes: Health
Category: Advocacy