Participatory Video gives a chance to people on the front lines of climate change to advocate for their rights, get informed, spread the word and better adapt to their new climate challenge. Here are some examples of Participatory Video projects where climate change has been explored by the groups involved.
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Conversations with the Earth UPDATE July 2010

Conversations with The Earth (CWE) is an indigenous-led multi-media campaign to amplify indigenous voices in the global discourse on climate change. Since March 2009 InsightShare has worked with seven communities across three continents to help seed a growing network of community-owned video hubs. After coming back from the Copenhagen Climate Summit (UNCOP15), the indigenous representatives shared their fresh inspiration with their communities and started new initiatives. In this document we look back on all the passionate work that already led to great results during the first half of 2010.

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Cochabamba: Cumbre de los Pueblos (Cochabamba: Peoples Summit)

In April 2010 InsightShare's Latin America Director Maja, and community video facilitators Balvino, Primitivo, Irma and Rosio participated in the exciting People's Forum on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights, in Cochabamba, Bolivia that was attended by 35,000 people.

Conversations with the Earth at COP15

Conversations with the Earth has led to an international indigenous family of communities and media hubs covering 4 continents and many diverse ecosystems. Participatory Video capacity building was the catalyst to community empowerment and the amplifying of excluded voices of the traditional custodians of our planet's biocultural diversity. This photostory visually describes the 10 days we spent together in Copenhagen in December 2009 participating in the UN COP15 conference and Klimaforum, the people's summit.

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE February 2010

Conversations with the Earth is an indigenous network of media hubs to document the impacts of climate change on vital ecosystems and local cultures. 15 indigenous representatives met in Denmark for the UN Conference of the Parties meeting on climate change (COP15). This update summarises the tremendous impacts made at the conference as well as the key milestones through 2009: the year in which InsightShare seeded 6 new community-owned hubs in Panama, Kenya, Peru, Arctic, Philippines and Cameroon.

Climate Change in Dumba Village

 In Dumba village, the seasons have changed beyond recognition. When rains are meant to come, villagers are facing drought, when harvest traditionally used to occur, floods from the river nearby sweep everything away. People are resorting to traditional foods, migration, old and new crop varieties and community support to survive.

Human Rights animation

This animation explains in a simple way what our human rights are and how they are linked to climate change.

Conversations with the Earth UPDATE December 2009

Launched in April 2009, Conversations with the Earth is a collective opportunity to build a global movement for an Indigenous- controlled community media network. This newsletter brings all the latest news from the CWE Hubs around the world.

Ritual Visit to our Father Huaytapallana

One Quechua family follows their grandmother and local shaman to the top of the sacred mountain. Ritual, deep respect and love are shown to the local mountain deity in order for us all to enjoy pure water and a beneficial climate for growing crops. Beautiful imagery combines with direct commentary from Angelica, local shaman, showing us the way to perform the rituals to nurture our Mother Earth.

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Conversations with the Apus (Sacred Mountains)

The Apus, or sacred mountains are the guardians of the climate and the source of all pure water and thus have the power to protect or devastate communities living on them. The clip was made as part of a campaign to resist evangelical authorities and this video has resulted in local people taking up again traditional practices to nurture Mother Earth.