Participatory Video gives a chance to people on the front lines of climate change to advocate for their rights, get informed, spread the word and better adapt to their new climate challenge. Here are some examples of Participatory Video projects where climate change has been explored by the groups involved.
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How can we achieve a sustainable world?

A short film of voices from India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, giving their ideas on how we can achieve a sustainable world. Made by InsightShare facilitators with the involvement of Participatory Video hubs in northeast India and South Africa, at the request of the Brave collaboration, initiated by UKCDS.

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Nkijape O Ntomonok (Women & Climate Change)

In 2012, a participatory video project brought Ilchamus women together to explore how climate change influences their lives. They made this video to discuss the more severe flooding of the past few years as well as other changes in their natural environment, such as deforestation, and to explain how these changes have negatively affected their well-being by ruining their huts, damaging roads and causing conflicts between tribes, scarcity of firewood and health problems for them, their children and their livestock.

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Karrayu - climate change and sustainability

This film was made by members of the Karrayu community of Dhebiti during a participatory video workshop facilitated by InsightShare in February 2012. It highlights some of the issues faced by the Karrayu pastoralists due to changing climate patterns and decreased access to traditional grazing lands. The participants also documented the community training centre field, established by members of Labata Fantalle, through which the Karrayu are engaged in permaculture training, learning how to grow crops for their livestock and food supplies.

Climate Change Adaptation and Human Rights in Niger

In January 2011, a group of representatives from Nigerien non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on climate adaptation and human rights in Niger were brought together for a participatory video workshop. During the training, two short films were produced illustrating community based adaptation initiatives supported by UNDP in two respective villages in the Dakoro commune. This training was supported by UNDP/GEF Community-BASED adaptation (CBA) programme.

CWE Media Hubs Impact Report 2009-2011

As part of the 'Conversations with the Earth — Indigenous Voices on Climate Change' programme InsightShare has supported the development of an indigenous media network around the world. Since 2009 the participatory video process has helped inspire indigenous communities across five continents to work together to protect the planet for future generations. This impact report summarises their stories and the story of InsightShare's contribution to the programme.