We support local custodians of biodiversity, such as indigenous peoples to continue protecting the vital ecosystems they live in. Participatory Video can help document and promote traditional knowledge, local culture and languages; and build bridges with scientists, conservationists and decision-makers. Here are some examples.
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Development In Practice and Conversations with the Earth collaborate for COP15

Development in Practice is supporting Conversations with the Earth, by making the recent journal issue on Citizens' Media free to download until May 2010, and a print version available at a reduced cost.

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Indigenous Perspectives From UNPFII 2008

Participatory Video project undertaken by indigenous community leaders at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York, May 2008.

Voice of the Batwa

The Voice of the Batwa photo story is a detailed description of the process through which a group of Batwa, from various squatter camps in Uganda, created a powerful film documenting the discrimination and marginalisation they face.

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Voice of the Batwa

'Voice of the Batwa' was planned and filmed by members of the Batwa people during a Participatory Video project facilitated by InsightShare. Part of this film was aired on Ugandan television as well as being screened to local and national politicians, donors and NGOs.

PV for Community Action CASE STUDY: Indigenous Voices in Uganda

The Batwa are an indigenous people of the Great Lakes region of tropical Africa. Formerly hunter-gatherers, they were expelled from their ancestral forests to make way for conservation and tourism projects. They experience extreme racial discrimination from their neighbours, poverty, landlessness and unequal access to education and healthcare.

Traditional Paddy To The Rescue

'Traditional Paddy To The Rescue' was made by Sri Lankan farmers in 2007 to document the re-introduction of traditional varieties of rice, which grow successfully in their heavily salinated soils. 

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Peoples Planet

InsightShare participated in a course on community-based conservation and ethnoecology in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, that was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology.

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Kisoro District Regional Commissioner Speaks about the Batwa

This short clip shows the Kisoro District Regional Commissioner make concrete commitments to help improve the situation for the Batwa people of South West Uganda, in particular helping them with land claims and rights to education.