InsightShare works with partner organisations to train their staff in Participatory Video facilitators and to assist them in integrating the practice into their programmes. By training trainers we hope to spread the practice of Participatory Video to even more communities and groups.
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A window to the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans

Working in 6 Balkan countries MilieuKontakt and Kocka implemented a participatory process of local sustainable development called 'The Green Agenda'. Between November 2009 and October 2010 InsightShare facilitators visited the Green Agenda working groups in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia to introduce participatory video as a way to tell their stories. This is the story of the workshops...

Lives of the Forest

'Lives of the Forest' was created by indigenous activists from across the Asia Pacific region exploring the likely impacts of the UN's REDD programme on indigenous resources and lifestyles. It was created during a participatory video facilitator training in Ifugao (Philippines) by representatives of 15 distinct indigenous communities from 8 different countries.

A window to the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans

This video was created as a regional compilation of “A window to the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans, local storytelling through Participatory Video” project.

The Isabelle Lemaire interview

Isabelle Lemaire, Director of Programmes at InsightShare, talks about our use of participatory video and the Most Significant Change method for Monitoring and Evaluation.

Umphakathi Okhohliwe (The Forgotten Community)

A short film created by community representatives in the KwaSanti township in Durban as part of a capacity building programme for Oxfam Canada partners in southern Africa.

What is Participatory Video?

This animation explains the process and ethos behind the Participatory Video methodology, as practiced by InsightShare in its various projects around the world.  Using simple drawings, reminiscent of the storyboards created by participants, the process of community authored video for change is detailed from conception to creation and beyond.

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Category: Training

UNDRIP animation

This short animation explains in a simple way UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).