InsightShare works with partner organisations to train their staff in Participatory Video facilitators and to assist them in integrating the practice into their programmes. By training trainers we hope to spread the practice of Participatory Video to even more communities and groups.
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An Evaluation of the Mercy Corps' Financial Literacy Programme

Mercy Corps' Financial Literacy training has been running for the last 2 years in Rift Valley province. The program was put in place to provide saving, borrowing, spending and investment skills to the funded and randomly selected youth groups within the Local Empowerment for Peace program (LEAP).

Themes: Youth
Category: Training

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TEDx talk - This is NOT a video camera

 This TedX talk by our Director Chris Lunch is about the topsy turvy world of ‘participatory video’; where the subjects of a film become the directors; where passive recipients of aid become active changemakers and where we as a social enterprise have chosen: 'Make mistakes', 'Lose control' and 'Have fun', as our core values.

Themes: PV Demo
Category: Training

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Webinar Girls for Change! Participatory video for monitoring and evaluation

During 7 months, 12 adolescent girl trainees in each country learnt how to use participatory video combined with the Most Significant Change Technique to support 450 other girls to share their stories of change. At the end of the process, the girl trainees -who became strong video girl leaders- analysed the 64 collected video stories of change (32 per country), collected notes from the process, and presented the results and recommendations to the program implementers and donor in video reports.

Participatory Video Evaluation in the Philippines: Visual memories

In August/September 2012, InsightShare supported a team of programme implementers from the Joint Programmes working on the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund in the Philippines to carry out a Participatory Video Evaluation in Mindanao using PV MSC.

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Karrayu - climate change and sustainability

This film was made by members of the Karrayu community of Dhebiti during a participatory video workshop facilitated by InsightShare in February 2012. It highlights some of the issues faced by the Karrayu pastoralists due to changing climate patterns and decreased access to traditional grazing lands. The participants also documented the community training centre field, established by members of Labata Fantalle, through which the Karrayu are engaged in permaculture training, learning how to grow crops for their livestock and food supplies.

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Rope to Tie a Lion

'A Rope to Tie a Lion' was planned, filmed and edited by a group of twelve farmers from three kebeles in Fogera woreda in Amhara region of Ethiopia. Gareth Benest from InsightShare facilitated the participatory video process alongside Beth Cullen and Aberra Adie from ILRI, which took place between the 12th and 24th February 2012.

Category: Advocacy, Training

Climate Change Adaptation and Human Rights in Niger

In January 2011, a group of representatives from Nigerien non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on climate adaptation and human rights in Niger were brought together for a participatory video workshop. During the training, two short films were produced illustrating community based adaptation initiatives supported by UNDP in two respective villages in the Dakoro commune. This training was supported by UNDP/GEF Community-BASED adaptation (CBA) programme.

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Welcome to the UK

A participatory video made by women from 11 different countries living in the UK, attending ESOL classes through the Welcome to the UK project, by Learning Unlimited. They made this film in order to send advice and encouragement to other women in Bangladesh waiting to emigrate to the UK.