Who We Are

We are a community development organisation with 15 years experience combining media technology, with participatory approaches and community engagement for locally-led change. We work globally with those people who understand their issues better than anyone and hold the keys to appropriate and innovative solutions. 

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We form partnerships with diverse organisations from both the Development and Corporate sector, and have carried out consultancies for these and other major cultural, arts and academic institutions.

We have received charitable grants from small and large Foundations ranging from £5000 to £500,000.

We bridge divides, nurture cultural affirmation and social transformation in an era of new media and increasing communication of collective knowledge and expertise.

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Too often labelled poor, vulnerable or hard-to-reach; the groups we work with harness their power to engage with influential stakeholders using participatory videos to catalyse action and determine their own futures. 

InsightShare are breaking down barriers between stakeholders to address critical problems in new ways, replacing the old ways of top down initiatives imposed on people.

Unlike many development interventions and well-meaning charitable acts we amplify collective intelligence and build consensus to support locally-led change.


“We are not simply about “amplifying voices” – that is not enough... we are about catalysing local reflection and analysis, bringing forth solutions, and enabling locally-led change.” Chris Lunch, Co-founder InsightShare

“Participatory video enables people to discover a safe space for creativity, listening and sharing. Through this process communities create their own networks of ownership and of exchange.” Nick Lunch, Co-founder InsightShare



Our work is founded on principles of equality and open access.  We encourage and facilitate active participation from across the communities we work with; regardless of age, gender, social status, education, physical or mental capacity.

We adopt a ‘rights-based approach’ to much of our work; meaning that, where appropriate, we encourage participating communities to tackle their issues as ‘rights-holders’ and directly target the relevant ‘duty-bearers’, such as elected representatives, with evidence of how their rights are being neglected or unfulfilled.


Our work in numbers

 15 years 
 150 projects 
 55 countries 
 400 produced by communities
 10,000 participants trained
 3 million people directly engaged - through workshops, community screenings, exhibitions, conferences, events, festivals


Our Expertise 

Over the last fifteen years, we have developed particular expertise in facilitating participatory video as a tool for: community-led advocacy, innovation and knowledge sharing, cultural affirmation, monitoring and evaluation, peace-building, and documenting climate change.  We specialise in equipping and training grassroots communities to facilitate participatory video processes themselves, ensuring long-term capacity is developed locally to support locally-led change into the future.

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