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Sabine Hellmann / Associate

Sabine is a documentary filmmaker, graphic designer and PV facilitator based in Edinburgh. She has been working as a freelancer since receiving her MFA in Documentary Directing from Edinburgh College of Art. Since her PV facilitation training at InsightShare in 2013, Sabine got engrossed by the PV method. She has been coordinating and facilitating PV workshops and designed a PV for M&E strategy in Malawi during the last 3 years for a sustainable farming project run by The James Hutton Institute, Climate Futures and Kusamala. Sabine has worked on a range of film projects, including a ‘nature play’ research project at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, portraits of Malawian subsistence farmers for Christian Aid and a documentary about a South Indian tribe. Since discovering PV, Sabine has incorporated this inclusive process to give others the means to tell their stories.

PV for community development, PV for Monitoring and Evaluation, Documentary Filmmaking, Editing, Photography, Sustainable Agriculture/Climate Change Adaptation, Graphic Design

German (native), English (fluent)