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Kazu Ahmed / Associate

Kazu Ahmed - Associate

Kazu comes from a journalism and anthropology background with nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of environment and development. He is a community media practitioner, photographer and filmmaker with geographical focus on South and Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Eastern Africa. He has worked with Panos South Asia, IUCN and Commonwealth Foundation, and has made films on issues of peace building, climate change and migration. He continues to write on themes of his interest and exhibit his photographic work. Beginning as a volunteer with InsightShare, Kazu has been involved with participatory video (PV) since 2014 and is trained as a PV facilitator. He is currently pursuing doctoral research at University of Helsinki using PV to understand dynamics of protracted conflict. Though academic research using participatory media, he hopes to enhance PV practice and contribute further to the use of participatory methods of communication in peace building

Community media, human rights, peace and conflict, international development, border studies, water and natural resource management

Assamese (native) ~ Bengali (fluent) ~ English (fluent) ~ Hindi (fluent) ~ Nagamese (fluent) ~ Urdu (basic)